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Visit to Canada

In Canada, visas for tourism are issued for a maximum duration of six months and though they are variously referred to as visit visas and travel visas, they are officially regarded as Temporary Resident Visas or TRVs. Canadian tourist visas are specifically issued as a temporary immigration service and do not constitute a route to permanent settlement. A Canadian temporary resident visa is strictly a temporary grant of leave to enter Canada and applicants will be obliged to return to their country of residence on or before the expiry of their Canada visa.

Visiting Canada Tourist Visa Categories

In Canada, visit visas can be obtained in one of three categories for a single entry, multiple entries or to transit through the country en route to another final destination.

Canada Visitor Visa - Single Entry

A single entry Canadian tourist visa is issued for a maximum of sixth months although this can be extended by a further thirty days. A Canadian visa extension of this sort must be obtained no later than 30 days before the original visa expires.

Canada Visitor Visa Multiple Entries

Multiple entry Canadian visitor visas allow their holder to enter and depart from Canada on more than one occasion. Visas for multiple entries are valid for a specified time which should be submitted as part of the application. However the duration awarded will ultimately be decided by the Canadian immigration case officer.

Transit Visa for Canada

A Canadian transit visa is a very short-term travel permit designed for those who will be present in Canada for no more than 48 hours. Visas of this kind are designed for those applicants who need to travel through Canada as part of a longer journey.

Canadian Temporary Resident Visa Requirements

Candidates applying for a Canadian visit visa will need to satisfy the following requirements. Applicants must have sufficient funding to support themselves during their time in Canada. Applicants must not have a criminal record or pose a security risk and must abide by Canadian laws.