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Business Visit Visas for the UK

The United Kingdom offers a wide range of work visas and business visas designed to cater for highly skilled migrants, those transferring to the UK to take up a position of employment and those who wish to invest in the UK economy or start a business. The business visit visa has little in common with the group of travel permits usually referred to as business visas in that it does not permit its holder to undertake employment in the UK. However, the UK business visitor visa is a fast and effective visa service for those who wish to travel to the UK in order to conduct a range of business activities including visiting conferences and attending meetings. A successful applicant may stay for a maximum of six months, however, the UK business visit visa can be issued for multiple entries, and this period of six months may be divided over the permits validity of up to two years. Business visit visas are particularly beneficial, as they do not impose any of the formal requirements, job offers, or points based assessments involved in other forms of UK business visa.