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UK Tourist Visa

When issued for tourism, the UK visit visa is also valid for a maximum period of six months, although it is important to remember that the actual duration granted is the prerogative of the Immigration Officer. Visit visas are specifically intended for those who wish to visit the UK for a short-term visit. They are issued as a temporary visa service and do not offer the opportunity to progress to more permanent UK immigration services such as Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK (ILR) and UK citizenship. Like a business visit visa, a UK tourist visa can be issued for a maximum validity of two years for multiple entries to the UK. The exception to this is for medical visitors who may be permitted to extend their leave if their health or condition requires it.

Applying for a UK visit visa

One of the key requirements of this type of UK visa application is that applicants must be able to support themselves financially for the duration of their time in the United Kingdom. Applicants must be able to fund their entire trip without recourse to public funding. Candidates must also be able to show that it is their genuine intention to return to their country of residence on or before the expiry of their visa. Applicants should be aware that if a visitor has family ties to Britain a UK Entry Clearance Officer might question their intention to return home. It is important to note that the immigration history of the applicants family as well as the applicants themselves may be taken into account.

Applying for a Visit Visa for Medical Purposes

People who wish to visit the United Kingdom in order to undergo medical treatment will be issued a UK medical visitor visa. This type of visa for the UK can only be granted under strict guidelines. A candidate must not have a terminal illness and they must be undergoing private treatment. UK medical visas are issued for periods of six months at a time and are renewable so long as the treatment requires them to remain in the UK. As with a UK tourist visa or business visa, medical visas may be granted as a single entry visa or for multiple entries to the UK.