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Long Term Business Visa

Long Term Business Category

If you are an experienced business person interested in being self-employed in your own business in New Zealand, applying for a work visa under the Long Term Business Category may be an option for you.


If you want to work in your own business in New Zealand, and you have business experience relevant to the business you wish to buy or establish, you can apply for a long-term business visa as a step towards gaining residence in New Zealand through one of Entrepreneur categories. To have your application approved under the Long Term Business Category, there are a number of requirements you need to meet, and everyone included in your application will have to meet our health, character, and English language requirements.

Your business

You will need to submit a sound business plan, show relevant knowledge about the New Zealand business environment, and show how your intended business venture will significantly benefit New Zealand, as well as providing evidence about your relevant business experience.


You will also need to have enough funds (apart from the funds you plan to invest in your business) to support yourself and, if applicable, your partner and children for the duration of your long term business visa.

Initial nine-month work visa and balance of three years

If we approve your long-term business visa application, you will initially be granted a nine-month interim work visa. This visa is intended to allow you time to travel to New Zealand, if you have not travelled already, and take the necessary steps to establish your business and commence the business operation as per your business proposal. A further work visa may be granted for the balance of the three-year period (27 months) if you apply within the validity of the interim work visa and a business immigration specialist is satisfied that:

  • the investment capital for the proposed business, as stated in the business plan, has been transferred direct from your own bank account(s) through the banking system to New Zealand; and
  • reasonable steps have been taken to establish or invest in the business as set out in your approved business plan.